SZ1A is the club station of Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAWG). RAAWG is one of the bigest and oldest ham radio association in Greece (sirca 1985) and has more than 300 members.

In 2009, RAAWG decided to built a contest station. SZ1A now is the biggest contest station in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe. Since 2004, it participates in all major contests (CQWW, CQWPX, ARRL DX, All Asian, CQ 160m, ARRL RTTY RoundUp etc) usually in the Multi Operator categories.

We have built for them 3 antennas, based on YU7EF designs.

  • EF204ARC (4el for 14MHz, 9,0dBi gain, 10m boom)
  • EF151ALX  (4el for 21MHz, 9,2dBi gain, 7,5m boom)
  • EF106C (6el for 28MHz, 11,1dBi gain, 10m boom)

All antennas built with high quality 6063 T6 Aluminium tubing and are designed & manufactured for survival under 200Km/hr winds (20m antenna can withstand winds up to 160Km/hr)


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