Telescopic Mast Projects

EA2DPO project image


The “limited space” challenge. Nobody likes being limited. This is also the case for Félix EA2DPO, from Zaragoza Spain, who until recently was working only […]

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Lazaros SV2OYO lives in the city of Katerini, at Northern Greece (QTH loc: KN10FG). He wanted an easy but not expensive Telescopic mast for his […]

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Andrew SV1DKD lives in an apartment in Alimos, a Southwest suburb of Athens, with a beautiful view to the sea. His HF Antennas were hanged […]

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John SV1EIW lives in the Eastern part of Attica, very close to the Athens International Airport. His previous installation was a tilted 9m mast, that […]

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Dinos’ shack is located 50 Km east from Athens, in the wider area of Spata- Mesogia. He had installed a 9m water pipe 50cm far […]

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Aris SV3FUP lives in Patras, 220 Km west from Athens. His previous main support for his antennas was a water pipe, but he had difficulties […]

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Paul SV1EII lives in an apartment, in the wider area of Athens downtown. His previous setup was a 9m water pipe, that was very difficult […]

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   Bill SV1BJW lives in Pireaus, Greece. He had installed his antenna on a 6m long water pipe, but he was not satisfied with the […]

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Jim, SV1LHZ wanted to install a vertical on a single floor house in Peristeri, that is surrounded by taller, 5 story buildings, that their roofs […]

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