I am Sotiris Katsimaglis, SV1BDO. I am an active Amateur Radio operator since 1992. My favorite activities are mainly HF Contesting, DXing, IOTA operations & ARES (emergency). During these 25+ years, I have built many antennas (dipoles, yagis, Quads, verticals etc). I realized very soon that even you have the “best antennas” they are practically useless, if you cannot “hang ’em high”, so during the last 15+ years I focused on how to get the maximum height of my antenna installations, following these key figures:

  • Maximum Safety
  • Minimum cost
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Improved Endurance of Materials
  • Portability (if possible)
  • Expandibility (if possible)

Since 2005, I have tried many setups of various types of vertical supports that were on air for a long time. After a lot of experiments, trials, feedback from ham friends and continuous modifications, I have concluded that a Telescopic Mast made by Hollow Tubes (square steel tubes) seems to be the “ideal” solution for the “average Ham” like me.

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