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Built with love, quality & workmanship

Galvanized Steel Telescopic Masts

Built to last a lifetime

from € 399

  • Up to 11 meters / 40 feet high
  • Wide variety of bases
  • Extra Rotor Cage available
  • 2 years warranty
  • Superior Strength & Weight Loading
  • Custom built designs also available

HF & VHF Premium Antennas

Built for DX Performance

from € 99

  • Verticals, Yagis or receiving antennas
  • Optimized for DX performance
  • For base or portable installations
  • 2 years warranty
  • Withstand winds up to 200Km/h
  • Custom built designs also available

Simply Amazing!

DX has never been so easy

After installing my Silcom Mast & Antenna array, I now just want to look at it all day long, simply beautiful!


I have installed a full-size Silcom Vertical for 40meters and use my 9m aluminum telescopic mast for field days - couldn't be happier! 73!


After so many years I can now finally work DX thanks to Silcom! My mast is so easy to use & now I can hang my antennas 11 meters up!


My Hexbeam on 11m Alu Telescopic Mast

Goran Holmdahl SM6CWP, describes how SILCOM ALU-04 Telescopic mast solved his need for easy installation and maintenance of his Hexbeam antenna.

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JA1TOKYO: The Olympic games SES

The special event station JA1TOKYO, managed by JARL (the Japanese Amateur Radio Society) is active in all amateur radio bands, celebrating the 2020 Summer Olympic […]

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Ready, Steady, Go: It’s the IOTA Contest

Geoff Watts, BRS-3129, was a british shortwave listener that founded the IOTA award program back in 1964. Since 1958, he was the first UK SWL […]

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Youngsters on the Air: Our hobby needs more

If you have ever participated in the All Asian DX Contest, where operators exchange their ages, you have seen that the majority of amateur radio […]

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Are you ready for the IARU HF Championship?

One of the biggest ham radio contests worldwide take place during the 2nd full weekend of July each year. The IARU HF world championship, organized […]

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GLV-04 supports 3el. SteppIR @ CT1DSV

Hi, I am Jose CT1DSV. Due to my location, almost in front of sea shore of Atlantic ocean, there are usually strong North and Southwest […]

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Latest Projects & News from Silcom


Lazaros SV2OYO lives in the city of Katerini, at Northern Greece (QTH loc: KN10FG). He wanted an easy but not expensive Telescopic mast for his […]

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John SV1EIW lives in the Eastern part of Attica, very close to the Athens International Airport. His previous installation was a tilted 9m mast, that […]

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SZ1A is the club station of Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAWG). RAAWG is one of the bigest and oldest ham radio association in Greece […]

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