The DX Dream: Connecting with the World

Are you a passionate amateur radio operator with dreams of connecting and communicating around the world? In the realm of radio communication, the distant echoes of contacts from far-flung DX countries of the world have always held a special allure! The pinnacle of this aspiration always was a towering structure that would hoist the antennas high into the sky.

At Silcom we live with this passion as we are radio amateurs and share this radio dream of chasing DX! A dream which might have seemed a bit elusive in the past. Fraught with challenges, it was reserved for the fortunate few who could afford the expensive installation of fixed high towers and their demanding maintenance until the initial advent of telescopic masts. Seen as a glimmer of hope to radio amateurs, telescopic masts received a lot of attention. However, their significant complexity and costs remained hurdles that dampened the spirits of many and inspired us!

The OH8X Radio Arcala antenna for 160/80m, before it collapses.

Hang `em up High! – Easy and Secure!

EA2DPO Felix uses a SILCOM Telescopic mast for his 2 el Quad.

At Silcom, we realized right away that even the “best antennas” are practically useless if you cannot “hang ’em high”. With reliability and cost-effectiveness at the forefront, we are committed to bringing the radio communication experience within reach for everyone.

Our masts redefine the market, prioritizing simplicity in design and maintenance, without compromising the robustness of construction. Drawing inspiration and embracing innovation, we have crafted solutions that amplify your telecommunications experience and minimizes the complexities.

Why Choose Our Telescopic Masts?

Simplicity in Design: Our telescopic masts are engineered with simplicity in order to serve you flawless, not to challenge you with problems. No need for intricate setups or convoluted maintenance routines.

Affordability: Unlocking the DX world shouldn’t come at an exorbitant price. Our masts offer a budget-friendly durable approach, allowing more fellow hams to realize their dreams.

Wide Range of Choices: Our masts cover more than 95% of the needs of the amateur radio market. We are confident that one of our products will fulfill your needs.


Reliability Redefined: We have combined years of experience with premium materials to ensure that your mast will stand tall against the challenges of time and weather, providing unwavering support to your antennas.

Effortless Maintenance: Bid farewell to exhausting and dangerous tower climbs. Our masts are designed for hassle-free maintenance, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – that rare DX that is missing from your log.

Affordability: Unlocking the DX world shouldn’t come at an exorbitant price. Our masts offer a budget-friendly durable approach, allowing more fellow hams to realize their DX dreams.

Technical Support: We will work together through every stage. Beginning with finding the right model that ticks all the check boxes that you require, continuing to the development of the installation plan, and being in touch for any after-sales support.

Custom designs: We will design and built any dedicated mast for your projects according to your specifications, like Civil protection trailers, telescopic masts for Surveillance & Metrology equipment, multiple antenna supporting, and more.

Elevate your antennas, Elevate your experience !

Intrigued? Excited? It’s time to turn your DX dreams into reality! Unleash the power of connection and embark on a journey that is boundless and ever-expanding!

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