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The special callsign SX12ASTRO will memorize and honours the 12th Annual Meeting of Greek Amateur Astronomers which will take place in Agrinio, West Greece on 13-15 of July, 2018. The meeting will take place in an area called Drymonas near Ancient Thermo, abt 40km from Agrinio.

SX12ASTRO will be active by members of RAAWG from 1-15 of July 2018. During the days 13-15 July, operation will take place from the place of the meeting, about 1200m (3600ft) high in the mountains!

The RAAWG team used a GLV-05 Galvanized Telescopic mast (8,5m high) to support a Cushcraft A3s with 40m kit. Nice job guys !!!


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