Dinos’ shack is located 50 Km east from Athens, in the wider area of Spata- Mesogia. He had installed a 9m water pipe 50cm far away of the side wall, as the tile roof extends about 30cm from the side wall. He faced a lot of difficulties everytime he wanted to make adjustments or maintenance on his antennas, as he had to pay extra attention not to brake the tile roof and damage the antenna.


The project was not simple, as he was dreaming a side tilted telscopic mast, that should be at least equal height (9m) of the existing water pipe, with the ability to side tilted when the antenna lowered, as the antenna should damage the tile roof, if it lowered bellow a specific height. Finally, we made his dream come true.


As his antenna is very light (Mosley mini-beam), we installed a 4-section, light duty Galvanized Telescopic mast, that extends  up to 11m (2 m more than the previous setup). The Mast has a tilt base, that allows the mast to be tilted when it is lowered. An electric winch is used for the tilt function. A heavy duty wall bracket is used to secure the mast in vertical position and also keep the required safety distance between mast & wall, in order to prevent any damage on the tile roof.




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