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The “limited space” challenge.

EA2DPO project imageNobody likes being limited. This is also the case for Félix EA2DPO, from Zaragoza Spain, who until recently was working only with wire or small 11m vertical antennas adapted to other HF bands.

A brand-new antenna, like Félix’s BigSignal 2BS-5B two-element multiband cubical quad antenna, undoubtedly requires a safe, sturdy and easy installation.


“I began to look for a system to be able to install it safely and at the same time that would allow me to be able to access it occasionally for small maintenance.”

– Félix

After getting in touch with Félix, we worked on a system which satisfies the requirements and considers guy wiring space limitations at the same time. The characteristics and limitations of Félix’s case highlighted our GLV-03 galvanized steel mast as the perfect solution for his needs.


“Finally, I decided to buy a galvanized steel model, specifically the GLV-03 model, but removing the final section for the moment, because for the characteristics and calculations of my installation, it was the most convenient at this time. My limitation is the space I have to put the guy ropes.”

– Félix

Particularly, 3 sections of hot dip galvanized steel each were installed, inserted 50cm one inside the other, totaling to 8m fully extended. The installation is guyed at four levels: 1m, 3m, 5,5m and 8m, with the latter being direct at the rotor cage. Mastrant-M 6mm ropes were chosen by Félix to ensure the absence of both length and harmonics limitations and antenna interactions. The rotor cage with a YAESU G-1000 is one 1m long with about 50cm steel tube toe cap, which totals the installation to 9,5m of height. A heavy duty tilt base is also used for anchoring securely the mast to the roof, while a side-wall bracket has been used as the first guying level at 1m height. So the mast can be lowered within one minute at the ground level for antenna maintenance or in case of storm.


“The mast operation is very good; it goes up and down in a simple way and it slides very well. I can lower it and work on the antenna without the need for ladders and if I need to access the top, a simple ladder will do. With the tilting base that it has, I can lower it completely if necessary, even if there is a risk of major storms, I can lower the antenna and raise it back up in a minute. It is a very strong and at the same time it doesn’t have an excessive weight, which allows it to be handled without problems.”

– Félix


We would like to thank Félix for trusting our telescopic mast solutions, carefully crafted for many years of trouble-free use.

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