Yaesu FT-DX10

Yaesu FT-DX10



Playing at the top – that’s what the Hybrid SDR receiver concept from Yaesu offers, as used in the FT-DX101D and FT-DX101MP. The new compact FT-DX10 HF transceiver from Yaesu uses exactly the same receiver system.

The FT-DX10 is a shortwave transceiver with 100W transmit power and a hybrid SDR receiver. Hybrid SDR means that Yaesu uses two receiver chains simultaneously – a narrow-band SDR with downconverter to 9 MHz, switchable roofing filters and digital SDR technology from IF. And parallel to this, a broadband, direct sampling SDR that provides the color 5″ LC display with a high-resolution waterfall and precise spectrum. Thus, excellent values like 116 dB RMDR and 141 dB BDR are achieved. It is with good reason that the FT-DX101 with the same receiver concept is number 1 in the renowned Sherwood list.

Three built-in Roofing Filters (500 Hz, 3 and 15 kHz) together with the well-known DSP filters provide silence on the band, the QRM becomes controllable. The 15 (!) bandpass filters also contribute to this, which ensure that the AD converter does not have to process unnecessary out-of-band signals. Last but not least the 250 MHz DDS synthesizer is to be mentioned, which provides an extraordinary low phase noise – just like the FT-DX101.All in all these features contribute to one of the best shortwave receivers of our time.

The operation of the FT-DX10 is based on the good experience of the larger models. The 5″ colour touch display offers fast and precise navigation on the bands and selection of the most important operating parameters. And the screen contents can be shown on a large, external monitor as well, the radio comes with a DVI conector on the rear. The VFO button is surrounded by an additional ring on the outside, which makes the operation of the clarifier, memory and user specific functions much easier.  The more compact design of the FT-DX10 also provides a well thought-out arrangement of the most important controls. Everything is easily and quickly accessible – just as you would expect from Yaesu.

Features FT-DX10

  • HF/50 MHz Transceiver (incl. 60m)
  • Hybrid SDR receiver – Downconverter 9 MHz ZF + direct sampling SDR
  • 250 MHz HRDDS Synthesizer
  • 500, 3000, 15 kHz Roofing Filter (300 Hz optional)
  • 15 separate bandpass filters
  • Adjustable ZF Shift & Width, ZF Notch, Contour Filter Audio Peak Filter and more
  • Push-Pull MOSFET PA 5 – 100W transmit power (5 – 25W AM)
  • 5″ Touch Display with 3D Spectrum Stream display
  • DVI connection for external monitor
  • Dual CAT Interface RS232 and USB
  • Connections for USB Peripherals (Keyboard etc.)
  • Quick Memory Bank
  • Decoder for CW, RTTY and PSK-31
  • SD memory card (optional)
  • Remote operation with Yaesu SCU-10LAN
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