SET HEX6B Hexbeam + Yaesu G-450C Rotator & GC-038 mast clamp

SET HEX6B Hexbeam + Yaesu G-450C Rotator & GC-038 mast clamp


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A set of G3TXQ design Hexbeam antenna made by EA Antenna, complete with Yaesu G-450C antenna rotator, Yaesu GC-038 mast clamp & rotator connectors.



The HEX6B Hexbeam Antenna (design by G3TXQ)

The HEX6B is a shortwave beam for the six bands 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6m. The design follows the ideas of G3TXQ who was the first ham radio operator to present this antenna. However the mechanical construction was refined by EAntenna with their long-standing experience of antenna engineering. The result is an efficient portable antenna for the classical DX bands.

The HEX6B works as two element beam on each band. Ready-to-use wires and ropes are fixed to the glassfibre struts, no tuning is required! Due to the mechanical tension of the struts the beam is stretched to it’s fixed size all he time, there is no sag on the wires. The radiator dipoles are connected to the vertical center support, each has it’s own screw clamps. The center support is designed as a coaxial transformer and balun. This transformer is responsible for a very good match on each band, and the fact that only one feedline is required for all bands. The gain is approximately 3 dBD or better, the front/back ratio is between 13 and 22 dB. The matching transformer achieves an SWR of 1.5:1 or better on all bands except 10m, where SWR is 2:1 or better. Each band can be used in full bandwidth without a tuner. The maximum allowed power is 5 kW. The glassfibre tubes are double coated against UV radiation.

The setup of the HEX6B 6 band beam is simple and can be done by one preson in approx. 30 minutes. For installation the 6 struts are assembled and fixed to the center pole. Ready-cut ropes from the top of the center pole to each strut are installed for the typical bent shape of the hexbeam. Then the ready-cut wires are fixed to the struts, and electrically connected to the center pole. All ropes and wires are already cut to length, no tuning is required. Due to the low weight of only 8.2 kg the hexbeam can be installed on a light aluminium push-up mast. Rotation is either done with a small 12V rotor or by hand. The HEX6B can install at poles with a Diameter from 28-52mm.


Yaesu G450C Antenna Rotator

Yaesu G-450 Light/Medium-Duty Rotator, perfect for entry-level requirements & light weight HF antennas, like Hexbeam. Easy on-off cable connection, the control box features a compass meter and 450 degree display. Features mechanical and electrical stop. The brake construction keeps the antenna positioned, however, allows the antenna to turn in case of heavy winds. The indicator is self-calibrating after power on. A pair of connectors is included.


Yaesu GC-038

Set of clamps for various YAESU rotators. These clamps are required in case the rotator is installed on top of a mast.

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