OM Power OM-2501HF 2,5KW Amplifier

OM Power OM-2501HF 2,5KW Amplifier


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The OM-Power amplifier OM-2501HF offers a lot of power, sufficient for most situations. With one ceramic tetrode of type FU-728F the PA provides up to 2500W output power in SSB and CW, and approx. 2000W in RTTY/FT8. Usually, 30 to 60 W drive power is sufficient to fully drive the PA (corresponds to approx. 17 dB gain). This ensures a trouble free operation with any typical 100W radio. The tuning is done with the band selector switch (all bands from 160-10m incl. WARC) and the load/tune controls, either to maximum transmit power or grid current dip. Tuning is very simple and sensitive. As usual with the manufacturer OM-Power, the power amplifier is protected against many error conditions and switches off automatically in case of a fault. For example too high SWR (above 3:1) is detected, as well as too high current at the anode, screen or control grid. Other sensors check the voltages, temperature or housing switches to ensure safe operation.

The OM-2501HF is controlled via a 4.3″ color touch LCD on the front panel. During normal operation, the output power and SWR are displayed, a menu is available for settings. The processor used in the amp stores error conditions to facilitate diagnosis in case of a problem. The data can be read out via a serial interface. A special function is the automatic adjustment of the anode current (bias current), this makes a tube change very easy. The OM-2501HF requires two separate phases of mains voltage for operation, but conversion to only one (adequately fused) phase is also possible.

Features OM-2501HF

  • Tube 1x FU-728F
  • All Bands from 160 – 10m, incl. WARC
  • Up to 2500 W output power in SSB and CW
  • Up to 2000 W output power in RTTY, FM, FT8 etc.
  • Drive power approx. 30 to 60W
  • Input Impedance 50 Ohm, SWR 1.5:1 or better
  • Amplifications ca. 17 dB
  • Output 50 Ohm coaxial
  • Max. SWR at antenna 3:1
  • Supporession of harmonic emissions better than 50 dBc
  • Forced cooling with two fans (1x Axial, 1x Radial)
  • Size: 485 x 200 x 455 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg
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