GLV-05 Telescopic Mast

GLV-05 Telescopic Mast



The GLV-05 Telescopic Mast is suitable for both portable and base installations. It can support easily the lightweight HF antennas like Hexbeams, Spiderbeams, Moxxon, Minibeams but also the heavier 3-element 3-banders, like PKW & Cushcraft A3s. Maximum top loading weight (antenna & rotor) is 40 Kgr, with antenna surface up to 0,5 sqm

When retracted, it is just 2,4m, making easy to install and maintenance your antennas. When it is full errected, you can go up to almost 9m high. Its shipping weight is only 45 Kgr and can be easily carried by 2 people. Temporary installation type is very simple, making it ideal for operations like Field day, IOTA expeditions, JOTA, BOTA etc.

GLV-05 Telescopic mast requires guying, at least at 3 levels. We are using to all our telescopic masts guying at 4 directions. Guying rods & guying ropes are available as extras.



Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 240 × 18 × 18 cm
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