Warranty & Returns

Warranty for eshop items

All items listed in our e-shop are covered by their Manufacturer’s warranty.
Yaesu & Kenwood radios are covered by 2 years European warranty.

Do you offer any warranty ?

ALL telescopic masts are covered with 2 years warranty for defective materials and/or construction.

The warranty does not cover improper installation methods like:

  • Bended or damaged sectors from un-guyed or im-properly guyed installations
  • Impropper installation methods
  • Un-sufient guying (using thinner ropes, less guying levels than recommended, less guying per level (ie 2 or 3  ropes instead of 4 etc)
  • Overloading the hand winch.
  • More vertical load than recommended.
  • Higher vertical mast over the Rotor Cage than recommended.


What happens if I receive it damaged ?

In case that you receive the parcel heavily damaged,  then refuse to receive it & notify immediately your local  TNT office. You will be asked to take some pictures indicating the damaged area.

As all shipments are insured, you have to send it back and receive a replacement, without extra charges for you. Please consider that all inquires about any damaged delivery must be done immediatelly.






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