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Why you anodize the Aluminium masts ?

Industrial anodizing produces anodic oxidation coatings that are mainly used to obtain resistance to wear through abrasion or erosion & resistance to corrosion.

Corrosion is a process that causes the degradation of metals. A familiar example is the rusting of iron and steel. Aluminium does not rust but can, nevertheless, suffer various forms of corrosion. Anodizing builds up a thick, protective oxide film on the metal surface. This acts as a barrier that can prevent aggressive chemicals reaching the aluminium.


What is the expected life of anodized aluminium masts ?

Anodized aluminium has been used in external architectural applications since the 1930s. Some surviving buildings are now about 80 years old and the anodized aluminium is still in good condition. Well-known examples are the Montecatini building in Milan and the New Bodleian (Weston) Library in Oxford, which were both completed in the late 1930s. Such examples demonstrate that anodized aluminium can have excellent weathering resistance.

Are your masts self-supported ?

Definatelly NOT. They need 4 guying ropes (every 90 degrees) at specific heights. The minimum distance of a rope’s anchor point to the mast is the half of mast’s height.

Example:  if a mast has a maximum height of 11m, then the minimum distance of each ancor point must be 5,5-6m.


What is the expected life of the wire ropes ?

We use the highest quality of INOX AISI 316 wire ropes. These wire ropes can last for a lifetime, without any need of replacement.

Can I order later the Rotor Cage ?

Yes, of course. You can order the Antenna Rotor Cage whenever you like.

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