Big antennas

OM 2000+ HF Amplifier 2KW


The OM-Power Amplifier OM2000+ works from 1,8 – 29 MHz, including the WARC bands. The Amplifier works also on 50 MHz. A FU-728F ceramic tetrode […]

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Butternut HF9V

Butternut HF9V antennas work nine popular bands–80 through 6 meters–with an extremely efficient vertical radiator that’s only 26 ft. tall! The HF9V antennas are easy […]

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Cushcraft A3s

A3S Three Element Beam – 10, 15 & 20 Meters The A3S with all stainless steel hardware is one of the best seller tribanders. It’s […]

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EAntenna HEX6 Hexbeam

Lightweight and easy to install beam antenna (Design G3TXQ) for portable activities. The HEX6B is a shortwave beam for the six bands 20, 17, 15, […]

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Cushcraft MA-5B

The MA5B, Compact HF Multi-Band Beam Small Footprint — Big Signal MA5B, Cushcraft’s multiband HF antenna provides 5-Band operation (20,17,15,12,10m) in a package small enough […]

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