Galvanized Steel Masts

Technical Details

  • All masts are made by 4 Square Hollow sections, made from ST37-2 steel (DIN17100)
  • Cold extracted & electrostatic Galvanized or Hot Deep Galvanized
  • All weldings are made directly on Galvanized steel, using dedicated FCAW equipment & techniques.
  • All weldings, cuts & joints are coated with Cold Galvanized spray for extra protection.
  • A security screw is used to secure the 1st & 2nd lowest sections at the maximum height.
  • A galvanized Hand winch is used to crank-up the mast.
  • INOX AISI 316 hand winches are available at extra cost.
  • All wire ropes are INOX AISI 316 for lifetime performance.
  • The majority of Antenna Rotators (Yaesu, Hy-Gain etc) can be directly mounted on the mast.
  • Antenna Rotor Cage is available at extra cost.
  • A standard mounting base is supplied. Extra tilt bases, side mounting kits are available at extra cost.
  • Fully Hot Deep Galvanized constructions are also available at extra cost.
  • Guying ropes available at extra cost.


GLV-04 – 11m Heavy duty Galvanized Telescopic Mast

Our best seller product. You can install & maintain your antennas without dangerous climbing. You can retract it to the lowest point within seconds. Unlimited […]

GLV-03 – 11m Medium duty Galvanized Telescopic Mast

Bigger top section for extra rigidness. Dual speed hand winch. Side mounting also available. You can retract it to the lowest point within seconds. Unlimited […]

GLV-02 – 11m light duty Galvanized Telescopic Mast

Our 2nd best seller product. The perfect solution for medium sized multiband HF Yagis. From light-weight Spiderbeams or Hexbeams, to heavier 3el 3banders. You can […]

GLV-01 – 7m Light duty Galvanized Telescopic mast

Only 2,3m when retracted. Perfect for limited places or where low visible impact installation is required. Maintain & install your antennas just using a small […]

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