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Our Products

Built with love, quality & workmanship

Galvanized Steel Telescopic Masts

Built to last a lifetime

from € 399

  • Up to 11 meters / 40 feet high
  • Wide variety of bases
  • Extra Rotor Cage avaieable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Superior Strength & Weight Loading
  • Custom built designs also available

HF & VHF Premium Antennas

Built for DX Performance

from € 99

  • Verticals, Yagis or receiving antennas
  • Optimized for DX performance
  • For base or portable installations
  • 2 years warranty
  • Withstand winds up to 200Km/h
  • Custom built designs also available

Simply Amazing!

DX has never been so easy

After installing my Silcom Mast & Antenna array, I now just want to look at it all day long, simply beautiful!


I have installed a full-size Silcom Vertical for 40meters and use my 9m aluminum telescopic mast for field days - couldn't be happier! 73!


After so many years I can now finally work DX thanks to Silcom! My mast is so easy to use & now I can hang my antennas 11 meters up!


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   Bill SV1BJW lives in Pireaus, Greece. He had installed his antenna on a 6m long water pipe, but he was not satisfied with the […]

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John SV1EIW lives in the Eastern part of Attica, very close to the Athens International Airport. His previous installation was a tilted 9m mast, that […]

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SZ1A is the club station of Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAWG). RAAWG is one of the bigest and oldest ham radio association in Greece […]

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SV1EIG ‘s side tilted GLV-04 Heavy Duty mast

Nick SV1EIG lives in Menidi, (in the wider Athens metropolitan area). His home is a 2-story building, surrounded by taller 5-stories buildings. He had a […]

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TARG Hamfest, Salonika, Greece, 17 Sept 2017

We will participate in the biggest hamfest in Northern Greece, organized by TARG, on 17 Sept 2017.

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